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LED Lighting has been around commercially for some time now, however, consumers and the industry alike are currently experiencing a huge shift towards this form of lighting and for good reason!

What are LEDs?

LED’s are a solid-state lamps that use light-emitting diodes (LEDs) as the source of light. LED lamps offer long service life and high energy efficiency as they convert the majority of the supply power to electrical light output. LED lamps can be made interchangeable with other types of lamps. Assemblies of high power LED’s can be used to replace incandescent or fluorescent lamps in many applications.

Here are some of the reasons why Techworks Electrical Solutions are pushing LED lighting:

Energy Savings

LED’s run much more efficiently than your standard globes. They can use up to 80% less power than halogen lights. This saves you money and helps the environment at the same time!

Long Lasting

Go years without changing lamps! LED’s typically having a life span of approximately 50,000 hours, whereas standard halogen globes can generally only last 4000 hours. That’s over a 1200% increase in life!

Low Heat Emission

At an average operating temperature of 25–60°C, LED lamps are a much more efficient and safer option than a halogen downlight. Halogen downlights have been recorded at operating well over 300°C! This means a greatly reduced risk of fire and 100% peace of mind.

Return On Investment

Quality LED lights will give you a much higher return on investment. A typical retro-fit of a standard household will pay itself off in 2–3 years and will start to make you money after the payback period! Ask us about our LED savings calculator to see how much you can save!

At Techworks Electrical Solutions we can design for you a semi or complete retrofit of your home, office or business’s existing lighting to LED lighting. You’ll be surprised by how cost effective it is and blown away by how much you can save! Give us a call to discuss your LED Retro-fit and ask us about our LED saving calculator.

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